Project "Uplift"

An effort to assist apprentices and journeyman to improve their skills on equipment or to learn a new aspect of equipment operation throughout the trades.

Conflict resolution assistance

Assistance and counseling to address issues that arise between union administration and members as well as issues that arise between contractors and members.

Project "Chain"

An effort to maintain and develop relationships with tradesman and their locals outside of our local to develop strong social and political ties with the Building Trades Concil to promote respect and equality throughout the building trades. 



Our mission is to proudly uphold the legacy of those who have tread before us shedding blood, sweat, tears, and their lives to create the great union that we share “Local 542”.

We exist to promote unity among our brothers and sisters and to overcome any barrier or weakness that arises in our midst to tear away at the solidarity that is necessary for us to move as a unified, organized labor organization.We cultivate collaboration and unity across organized labor organizations to move as a  cohesive force, unifying the trades as a political social machine to improve the American way of life while providing for our families.Our purpose is to insure respect, equality, safety, and consideration for all. We are starting  in our home “Local 542.”






For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: (215) 651-1027 or fill out the following form.Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month.

President                       David Rivera    
(215) 341-1369
Vice President               Rick Lozada     (215)494-8118
Treasurer                      Naeem Mosley
(215) 520-3278 
Recording Secretary      Larry Bell Jr
(267) 441-5766
Chairman                      Arlene Lee
(215) 651-1027

To join THE  PHILADELPHIA BROTHERHOOD OF OPERATING ENGINEERS , there is a $10.00 initiation fee and $15.00 monthly membership fee.

Membership accepted at monthly meeting or use our secure PayPal link to join.

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